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Your “uhs”, “erms” and “hms” tell us surprising things. [EN]

Whether we like it or not everyday speech is filled with unwanted “ers” and “ums”, hesitations and pauses. We can often feel negatively about these interruptions to the smooth flow of speech and there are whole web articles giving tips on how to avoid saying “um”. You might think that such additions to speech make it more difficult to follow what the speaker is trying to say. However, surprising research has shown that we should perhaps change the way we think about these “ers” and “ums”. Read more

The Origins of Language: From Nothing to Something [EN]

All animals communicate: Birds sing, insects release chemicals, monkeys produce alarm calls, honeybees dance, dolphins whistles, etc. in order to share information with the other members of their species. We, humans, use language, which is distinct and unique from all other ways of communication in that we manage to express unlimited number of thoughts using unlimited number of sentences. Our ability to express specificity in meaning and flexibility to use language in novel situations are the hallmarks of our communication. Read on

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